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Cities & Counties

Cities and counties have a big task managing, improving and developing roads, sewer systems, parks and other infrastructure important to the health of their communities.

We offer a wide range of planning, mapping, GIS, construction management and engineering services to local cities and counties to support these efforts, and work closely with their professional teams to ensure their projects meet the highest qualities standards and are completed on time, and on budget.

Specifically, we’ve:

  • Helped cities manage and migrate their mapping data and systems (including converting outdated CAD and related databases to enterprise level GIS)
  • Developed accurate maps and models of their areas through mobile scanning
  • Managed the planning and installation of new water systems
  • Improved wastewater infrastructure, including storm drains, treatment plants, lagoons and more
  • Provided survey services for new roads and bridges
  • Assisted in developing capital improvement plants

See our complete project list below to learn more about our work with the cities and counties of North Central Washington.



Cities & Counties Projects

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