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Cameron Lake Road

SERVICESLand Surveying / UAV LiDAR & Imaging | LOCATION: Okanogan County | CLIENT: Okanogan County Public Works | Sectors: Cities & Counties


Survey Mapping of approximately 2 miles of county road for design/upgrade purposes. Provide detailed mapping of roadway, slopes extending out 500 feet, ditching, side roads, utility poles, underground utility marks, limits of orchard trees/trellis, Right of Way boundary and parcel lines.

LiDAR mapping was able to be completed within very short weather window. Data on the entire project corridor was collected in less than 1 day. Much less than the estimated 10-14 days for conventional mapping methods.


  • Lidar Point Count: 55,500,407
  • LiDAR Point Density: 76 points per square meter
  • LiDAR Point Spacing: 0.37’
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