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Erlandsen has the ability to provide a wide array of mapping, inspection and imaging services for our clients by using both Aerial Imaging and LiDAR attached to our UAVs.

Our team has worked with various private, municipal and county agencies in Eastern Washington, providing detailed LiDAR and Aerial Imaging mapping products for road design, grading and drainage, habitat monitoring, slope monitoring, vegetation mapping, construction monitoring and as-builts, utility corridors and transmission line corridor mapping.  We have been able to respond quickly to requests to accommodate critical timelines due to weather, project timelines and emergencies, due to our highly trained team and advanced equipment.

Our LiDAR collection equipment consists of a DJI Matrice 600 UAV and a Riegl MiniVUX LiDAR sensor with IMU from LidarUSA.  The Riegl sensor is capable of collecting 100,000 points per second at accuracies rivaling conventional ground surveys giving us the confidence to perform the most challenging topographic surveys.  Our staff uses the latest in post-processing software to extract features and create surface models from the LiDAR point cloud.  The UAV is also equipped with a DJI X5 camera system allowing us to collect aerial imagery which can be combined into orthomosaics giving you a near real-time look at your project.

UAV Projects

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