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Twin Lakes Road Project

SERVICESLand Surveying | LOCATION: Okanogan | CLIENT SECTORS: Cities & Counties


We established primary control points and values at several locations pre-marked by the county to provide a line-of-sight work and allow for additional points during the construction phase.  A topographic survey was conducted and mapping of all roadway data was created.

An electronic copy of a centerline profile and cross sections at 100-foot intervals was submitted.  Boundaries were determined and supporting documents for county road right-of-way were supplied.  

We were responsible for:

  • Survey control and right-of -way boundary determination
  • Corridor topographic survey, surfacing, modeling/mapping
  • Acquisition boundary description/exhibit map preparation
  • Construction staking
  • Final right-of-way centerline monumentation
  • Final right-of-way Record of Survey
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