Parcel Fabric Development

SERVICESGIS | LOCATION: Ellensburg | CLIENT SECTORS: Cities & Counties


Erlandsen was contracted by the City of Ellensburg to develop an accurate parcel fabric for the City.

We acquired all recorded documents available from the County. The City provided us with 150 surveyed control points. Erlandsen had previously collected mobile lidar for all public roads and alleyways in the City. Using the mobile lidar data we acquired coordinates for all visible street monuments. This data was used to augment the surveyed control points. We then went through all available recorded documents (provided to us by Kittitas County) and developed COGO line work for each plat, short plat, record of survey, and BLA within the city limits and imported the line work into an Esri parcel fabric. In addition, we developed an easement layer for all easements visible on the available recorded documents. The easements were also imported into the parcel fabric. Each parcel in the fabric was also linked to a PDF file of the source document that provided the geometry for that parcel.