GIS Need Assessment and Implementation Plan

SERVICESGIS | LOCATION: Ellensburg | CLIENT SECTORS: Cities & Counties


Erlandsen completed a GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan for the City of

We conducted staff interviews from each department to identify workflows, data management procedures, and use requirements for GIS applications. We reviewed spatial and non-spatial data within each department including CAD files, existing GIS data, Access databases, Excel files, and other data sources. From that review, we developed and documented a strategy for implementing an enterprise GIS to improve operations, along with a detailed data migration plan for converting existing spatial and non-spatial data for each of the City’s utilities, as well as for planning, addressing, and roads. We were subsequently contracted by the City to complete the data migration and GIS development for the City’s electrical, natural gas, water, sewer utilities and for parcels, zoning, city limits, and addressing.